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With Layan Harman, Mengyi Wang and Rosie Plunkett.

These workshops were conceived from a shared interest in the preservation of ecologies within the city, and concerns over “greenwashing” in many ecologically-focussed projects, where nature is presented as something replaceable and easily transferrable. We wanted to draw attention to the specificity and detail of entangled ecologies, and cultivate more observant modes of attention focussed on these details, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the hyperobject of the climate crisis as a whole.



The first part is a photography workshop with Rosie. Participants would collect objects in the field, such as leaves, stones, and flowers, and then place them on pre-made cyanotype paper. This is a light-sensitive process, whereby objects that block exposure to sunlight will leave an imprint whilst the surrounding material grows darker. The final result will be an A3 image of the shadows of these objects, which can then be replaced in the environment. As a final step, these images will need to be fixed in the darkroom to stop the reaction. 

cyanotypes across RCA0003.tif

After collecting objects from the area (thinking about what we were picking up, how it would affect the wider environment, not taking anything living, or that would cause damage, harm, or distress if it were removed) arranging the objects onto cyanotype pages, thinking of composition, talking about early photographic processes and their history concerning environmental documentation.


cyanotypes across RCA.tif
cyanotypes across RCA0001.tif
cyanotypes across RCA0002.tif


The second is Layan's clay workshop. Participants will be invited to collect and process wild clay in Hyde park and process it into usable material from which to make small vessels. These containers will be returned to the environment as impermanent, ephemeral artworks. 


Vlog of our workshop

Our Zine

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